40th Birthday Party Favors

Turning forty is an important milestone, so thanking your guests with 40th birthday favors will give them a great memory of your party. Here are some top 40th birthday party favors ideas.

1. Stemless Wine Glasses - They can be used to toast the guest of honor, hold wrapped candy, and store items in after the party is over. The imprint on the ones shown below is very strong, as it is directly screen-printed onto the actual glass. Other imprint methods like decals come off easier.

2. Coffee - While we offer custom packets of coffee, this is something that you can do yourself. Select an interesting coffee blend, grind it, and place the contents in kraft bags with a label. Be sure to grind the coffee close to the event date, so it says fresh. You can either make the labels or purchase them online. Add a glass custom coffee mug, and you have the perfect 40th birthday favor.

3. Sweet Treats - Find out the guest of honor's favorite sweets and give them out at the end of the event. Popular items include brownies, cookies, donuts, cupcakes, bark or anything sweet. Be sure to wrap them well, so no air enters. This will keep the goodies fresh.

4. Spices - You can purchase ready-made spices at a local spice store, order online, or make your own blend. There is an infinite number of possible blends including individual spices like basil, dill oregano, or blends. You can offer savory spices for grilling and rubs or sweet ones for beverages or baking.

5. Custom Shot Glasses - These are fun items as 40th birthday favors. They are small and serve as great keepsakes. They are also very economically prices, especially since they are personalized. They can be displayed on a table for guests to take upon leaving.

6. Chocolates - There is always a sale on chocolate candy, especially when it happens to be close to a holiday. At the time that this post was written, I found 50% off of Valentine's Day candy and great early sales on Easter candy. You can also find good deals at Sam's and Costco for bulk candy. You can place the candy in an organza bag to create individual favors.

7. 40th Birthday Favors For Him - Multipurpose Bar Tool - We offer a cute metal tool that has a set of retractable blades and a corkscrew all attached to a metal key chain.

8. Custom Mint Tins - Your guests will enjoy mint tins with a custom message on the label. Our most popular saying on this is "40 is the new 30". You can also match the color of the label to the color of the event.

9. Hot Sauce - If you think that your guests would like something spicy, give them hot sauce with a tag that says "Still Hot After 40 Years." You can include the guest of honor's name and birthday. These are also available on Etsy.

10. 40th Birthday Favors For Her - If your party is for ladies only, compacts are a great item. There are many inexpensive ones with both a regular and magnifying mirror.

11. 40th Birthday Party Goodie Bags - We get rave reviews on our drawstring backpack swag bag. Gift bags are great if you are providing a few goodies as favors.

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