14 Steps to a Perfect Theme Wedding

14 Steps to a Perfect Theme Wedding -- a step by step procedure to make sure your wedding is suited to your personalities.

A 14 Step Program to The Wedding of Your Dreams By Kari White Unique Theme Weddings.com

I have come across many couples that want to incorporate a theme into their wedding but just can't decide or know what type of wedding they would like. Everyone wants their wedding to be unique, original, fun and a complete success. And yet, there are hundreds or thousands of ways you can customize your wedding day to be as you dreamed.

Here are 14 steps you need to go through to help you custom design your wedding day.

1) Where did the two of you meet? Was at a restaurant or work? Can you incorporate your meeting into your wedding? Such as holding your wedding at the place where you met?

2) Ask around! Do you or one of your friends know of a fantastic spot hidden away? You would be amazed at how many people you might find that could have a hidden cottage perfect for your wedding! A great idea for a Christmas or Country Wedding!

3) Do you have a favorite activity the two of you do together? Do you go to the drive-in or ski the mountains? Your activity can easily be incorporated into a theme wedding!

4) Remember when you were a child? Remember the things that you enjoyed and that consumed your days and nights? Write down all the things that you enjoyed as a child - ask your mate also. Which of these passions could you turn into your theme? Perhaps, you enjoyed the beach immensely so a beach theme wedding would be ideal!

5) First of all, think about the first dinner you had on your first date. What type of food was it? If it was a memorable occasion, you could design your wedding theme around that food such as Mexican or Indian.

6) What's your ultimate favorite food? If you were going to go out for a special dinner - what type of restaurant would it be? Steak and Lobster or Japanese?

7) If you were going to take a cooking course, what type of course would you like to enroll in? Would you like to learn how to make pastries, Japanese or Indian?

9) Let your color guide you! For example here are some colors and a theme wedding that could be incorporated with that color:

- Blue, Yellow - The Cosmo Clambake Wedding or The Seashore Shindig - Fushia, Red, Purple, Pink - The Passage to Passion Wedding - Yellow, Orange, Red - The Rise & Shine Wedding - Green, Yellow, Blue - The Sweet Pea Wedding/The Wild Thing Wedding - Red, Yellow, Green - The Tequila Twilight Wedding - White, Black - The Uptown Affair Wedding - Tans, Black or Brown - The Urban Safari Wedding - Green, Red, Silver - The Winter White Wedding

10) What type of centerpiece do you have on your kitchen or dining room table at home? Do you have fresh flowers? Do you have a basket of fruit? Or a group of candles? Look around your home and see what type of decor you already use. Don't stray from who you are. Your wedding is all about you and your theme should focus around this!

11) Do you have a collection of some sort? Whether it is snow globes, angels or priceless figurines, these are a glimpse of who you are and can also help you select a theme for your wedding.

12) What makes you unique such as hobbies, talents, preferences, background, or your career? Write down 10 things that make you different based on your uniqueness. Now, ask your fiancÚ to do the same or write them down for them. Pick one unique characteristic from each list and see how you can incorporate both of these unique characteristics.

13) What things have happened in your life that has not happened to most other people? Perhaps, you are the only one in your circle who has sky-jumped, won $100 on a lottery ticket, went on a safari in Africa or traveled through Europe. How can you incorporate some of these unique things into your wedding?

14) What is your ultimate favorite movie? Why? What makes this movie stand out? Watch the movie again but this time forget about the plot. Look at it differently, what are the characters wearing, where is the majority of the movie being filmed, what food is being served. How can you incorporate some of these movie ideas into your wedding?

Remember, these questions will get you thinking along the lines of YOUR perfect wedding. This day is supposed to be magical, one of a kind, and completely the best day of your life.

Use these tips in your planning and you will be sure you are making the best decisions and choices in your theme.

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