Grip Socks- 48 pairs

Our personalized grip socks have been one of our top selling products for many years - we first added them for use as party gifts and event giveaways, however our clients wanted more and we diligently worked to find more options and access. We offer different sizes, colors and ink options to help with many different uses.

Hospital socks are used every day for patients of all ages as part of a comfort care protocol for inpatients and home health and hospice care use the socks as standard procedure as well. Gripper socks are needed as a non slip prevention tool in many of these cases. Maternity socks are so helpful in making mama comfortable during a very significant time in life. Medical clinics with outpatient surgery services and any health care facility also find the socks help in overall patient treatment.

Wellness socks and spa socks may seem like an extra indulgence, however our grippy socks also give lasting function and use because they are machine washable. They may even serve as a welcome reminder to treat our feet right - we need healthy feet!

Promotional socks, whether produced as logo socks for retail sale or as company holiday gifts are a unique expression of how the company presents itself through products and services branding for organizations of all sizes. Business socks and logo socks grant a lasting impression of generous corporate image when used as client gifts, employee holiday gift ideas or even when sponsoring special events and cooperatives.

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