Reducing Wedding Stress by Miami Wedding Planner -- 6 Ways to Savor Special Moments

March 28, 2004--Between vendor appointments, dress fittings, and all the rest of wedding planning, it's easier now more than ever to lose sight of what's important: each other. Remember the whole reason you're doing this wedding thing is to celebrate the fact that you've found your special someone to share the rest of your life with. Here are ways to savor each moment together leading up to the big day.

Go Out for a Night on the Town

No matter who's paying for the bulk of the wedding, chances are you're pinching pennies, trying to save for the festivities -- and the future. Reward yourselves for being so responsible and go on a fancy date. Make a reservation at your favorite expensive restaurant and pull out all the stops. Order good wine and the best house specialties, and spring for dessert too. After dinner, come home to a bottle of champagne and make a toast to each other and that future you're saving for.

Have a Movie Marathon

Escape from the wedding-planning whirlwind to the frivolous fantasy of the silver screen. Order pizza, pop some popcorn, take the phone off the hook, and rent a bunch of movies. Make sure to get a variety of stuff to watch -- you'll want a nice mix of comedies, dramas, action flicks and, if you're feeling saucy, some naughty ones too. Only one no-no: nuptials-themed movies like Father of the Bride, The Wedding Singer, even Sixteen Candles are not allowed. Forget about the wedding for a change and concentrate on each other!

Plan a Night Out with the Girls or the Guys

Okay, it's not exactly savoring time together but hear us out. Remember how much fun it was to do the girls-only thing with your buds, no boys allowed? After a day without your guy, you missed him like crazy! Organize a day for shopping and other girly activities, and then hit the town for a night out. Tell your sweetie to get his buds together for a guys' night out -- complete with plenty of beer, steak, cards, or whatever they like to do. The next day over brunch, spill the beans to each other about your wild night.

Hit the Road

Designate one Saturday before the wedding as a road-trip day. Grab a map and drive to that cute town you've always wanted to check out. Or find a campground, park the car, and spend some of the day hiking. Bring along tunes that you can sing along to in the car -- the cheesier the better! No matter where you end up, be sure to act like clueless tourists and take pictures. On the way home, stumble into a random restaurant and have a romantic dinner, and then pull into a truck stop and buy a little souvenir to remember the day.

Play Games with Each Other

Playful competition can pack a powerful passion punch. Tap into your competitive spirit and bust out the Scrabble, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, or maybe a video game. Getting cabin fever? Venture out to a local bowling alley or challenge your better half to a game of tennis. Whatever you choose, make sure it's interactive -- the point is to let loose and have fun together!

Cook Up a Storm

If you both love to cook (or just want to give it a try), comb through recipe books for a delicious menu and then go shopping together. Buy the freshest produce and, while you're at it, grab a bouquet of flowers. Back in the kitchen, line up all the ingredients on the countertop and pop open a bottle of wine. While you two are preparing the meal, take time to enjoy each moment -- and vow to make this a regular activity once the wedding's over.

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